The National Alliance on Mental Illness Illinois(NAMI IL) started the Alliance of Peer Professionals in July of 2019.  NAMI IL Alliance of Peer Professionals started with a few dedicated individuals talking about the need for an organized format to share our ideas and concerns.  Those working in the field expressed interest in the group and began meeting to create the foundation policies and procedures for it's creation. In February 2020 a slate of officers and board members was elected to form the leadership team for this new organization housed within NAMI IL.

Make the most out of your career as a peer professional.  Become a member today!




Membership is available for individuals 18 years or older and requires an annual NAMI membership (minimum $5.00), and submission of an NIAPP membership form (free, and short). 


The “Full membership” is for mental health peer professionals with IL state certification as a CRSS, CRSS- E, CPRS or NCRS. These members have full voting and eligibility for board participation. 


The “Associate membership” is for individuals actively pursuing certification or for those interested in the field of mental health peer professionals. These members may participate in decision-making, but do not vote. They are eligible for board positions. 


Interested in joining the NAIPP? Here are the steps...

  1. Become a NAMI member, if you are not a member yet: 
    1. Go to https://namiillinois.org/ your web browser.
    2. Click the button: “Become a Member” - Join NAMI.
    3. On the next page, in the box “Become a Member”, click Create Account or Login.
    4. Then from that same box, click “Complete Your Membership.”
    5. You may choose any type of membership: 
      1. $60 per year for a Household membership that includes all members of a house-hold living at the same address.
      2. $40 per year for a Regular membership which is an individual membership for one person.
      3. $5 per year for an Open Door membership for an individual member with limited financial resources.
  2. Register with a local NAMI IL affiliate, if you wish. You can do that on the NAMI Illinois website 

    as well, by “Finding Your Local NAMI” on the front page of the website.

  3. Complete NIAPP Application Form: https://surveyhero.com/c/59e6b38d.



Note: Instead of B, C & D, you can click “Renew” in the “Become a Member “ box.


Note: If you choose a Household membership, and your household currently does not have a membership, it would be helpful to us if you made yourself the primary member, so we can see your name in the membership.