1) What is a Certified Recovery Support Specialist?


A CRSS is a professional mental health provider who provides peer support services. 

Peer support is strengths-focused support provided on a level of equality by sharing personal experiences and empathizing with client experiences.  That personal experience is sometimes referred to as the lived experience of having a mental health condition.   A CRSS uses recovery tools to support clients and validate experiences to help clients direct their own recovery and achieve their goals.



2) What are the CRSS Domains or Core Functions?


Professional Responsibility


Recovery Support


3) What are the minimum requirements for the CRSS?


2000 (one full time year) supervised paid or volunteer work experience

100 hours of supervision in CRSS domains

100 hours training/education in CRSS domains, ethics, core functions

Passing score on the CRSS exam

High school diploma or GED


4) What is the Credential Process in IL?




5)  Where do I find the application to become a CRSS in IL?



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